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Air Conditioning  Frequently Asked Questions
How Does Air Conditioner Systems Works?
Air conditioning cools down your home by removing sensible heat from the living area. Central air conditioning system consist of Condenser (Outside Unit) and Evaporator Coil (Inside Unit). They work together to transfer the heat from return air to outside with the help of refrigerants like Freon (R-22) or R-410A in residential applications.
What Does SEER Means?
SEER stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. This rating is designed by AHRI to help homeowners choose more efficient cooling system for their home.Today there are mini-ductless, air source residential AC units available with SEER ratings up to 27.2 and forced air central air conditioners with SEER rating up to 25.
What Is R-410A Refrigerant?
Since 2009, R-22 (Freon) as a ozone depleting refrigerant has been phase out and replaced by environmentally friendly refrigerant called R-410A. This new refrigerant operates in higher pressure and uses special synthetic oil.
Should You Cover Your Air Conditioner During Winter?
Covering your air conditioner condenser unit is optional. It's important to remove the cover before starting your air conditioner since some homeowners forget to do so and burn their air conditioner accidentally.
What Type of Central Air Conditioner Qualifies for Government Rebates?
Please visit the Ontario Power Authority page to view the latest updates on saveONenergy incentive programs. 
Do New Homes Qualify for Ontario Power Authority Incentives?
According to new OPA regulation, all new homes could receive up to $400 rebate on purchase and installation of qualified central air conditioner system. for more information on eligibility requirements and type of equipment visit the SaveONenergy or call us at 905-707-1299.


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