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Changes to Enbridge Gas' Customer Connection Policy

Effective Nov. 1, 2019 Enbridge Gas’ customer connection policy for Residential Random New and Residential Conversion customers has been revised. (Note: This policy does not apply to any commercial customers or residential customers requiring a main extension. The policy does not apply to legacy Union Gas Limited customer attachments.)
Enbridge will provide and install one service line per civic address at no charge to new customers provided that:
  • The distance between the Owner’s property line and the front wall of house/building is 20 metres or less; and
  • The distance between the front wall of house/building and the selected meter location is 2 metres or less
Service and meter installation in excess of these distances will result in additional charges of $32 per metre (plus applicable taxes). The Enbridge Gas residential service application (e-App) has been revised to reflect the excess length customer attachment policy.
What areas are covered
Enbridge Gas’ franchise area is divided into seven areas as shown in the map. Area 10 covers Toronto; Areas 20, 30, 40 and 50 cover the remainder of the Greater Toronto Area (GTA); Area 60 covers Ottawa and the surrounding region; and Area 80 covers the Niagara region.