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Five ways a variable speed or constant torque furnace can help increase comfort and savings this summer

Greater energy savings

Variable speed and constant torque furnaces use up to two-thirds less electricity in heating or cooling mode and are up to 6x more efficient than a PSC motor in “fan” mode. Additionally, these furnaces boost cooling efficiency up to 1 or more SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating) points for additional summer savings.

The Dave Lennox Signature® SLP98V is the most efficient furnace you can buy* and uses up to 2/3 less electricity than a PSC motor to help keep cooling bills down in the summer.

Quieter operating sounds

The furnace is the piece of the HVAC system a homeowner will hear most. Constant torque and variable speed furnaces ramp up slowly to eliminate loud startup noises and continue to operate on lower speeds.

The Dave Lennox Signature® SLP98V is the quietest furnace you can buy* operating at sound levels as quiet as a library.**

More even comfort

Furnaces with constant fan mode improve comfort by removing more moisture from the air to make the home feel cooler. Temperatures can be set higher while still feeling comfortable, further helping to reduce utility bills in the summer.

Furnaces such as the Elite® Series EL296V and EL296E can run at lower speeds for longer periods of time to reduce the muggy or sticky feeling in the air.

More balanced temperatures

Variable speed furnaces reduce air stratification and can maintain temperatures within 0.5 degrees of the setting. Additionally, they offer excellent zoning capabilities for customized, whole home comfort.

The SLP98V, and EL296V are equipped with a variable speed motor and distribute conditioned air more evenly throughout the home.

Healthier air

Furnaces with constant “FAN” mode circulate air slowly and for longer periods of time to capture more contaminants through the filter and improve the overall quality of air.

Constant torque furnaces such as the EL296E and EL195E can remove more contaminants and help reduce the occurrence of respiratory ailments which often occur in the spring and summer.