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Protect your cottage from weather damage

With the increase of storms in Canada and major floods representing almost 40 per cent of all natural disasters recorded, we need to take the proper preventive measures to combat extreme weather at the cottage.

Recent evidence suggests that the severity and frequency of severe weather, such as storms, floods, droughts and landslides, as well as extreme heat and smog, will continue to rise. According to Environment Canada, data show that the average summer temperatures have climbed one degree since 1970 and precipitation has increased about five per cent.

Seasonal properties are especially vulnerable because they're isolated and occupied less frequently. A rural location can also often mean more expense to repair any damage.

With increasingly severe and changing weather patterns, it's crucial that cottage owners are well informed about their insurance needs. It's important for all cottage and homeowners to speak with their insurance providers to ensure they have adequate coverage.

Aviva Canada, one of Canada's leading lifestyle and leisure insurers shared these simple tips for cottage owners to consider.

  1. Backup power. A backup system will keep your cottage safe during a power failure.
  2. Roof repair. Cottage country is often windy, but with regular maintenance such as cleaning the eaves troughs and drains, you can prolong the lifespan of your roof.
  3. Rot-not strategy. Heavy rain and flooding can result in rotting decks and foundations. Ensure proper preservation from rot by spraying your deck with a zinc-based wood preservative.

Source : News Canada