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generac backup generator 


Electrical Panel Upgrade

Cost effective and safe electrical panel upgrade



Here are some of the top features of electrical panel:

Scalable, generator ready solution Installed in new construction, can be configured to accept generator power at a later date.

Plug-on Natural capability saves time and wiring when installing CAFI and Dual Function breaker.

Factory installed 200AMP  Main breaker.

Enables quick and easy manual transfer between utility power and a generator.


  • Residential new construction.
  • Home remodels and upgrades
  • Farm-agricultral dwellings
  • Light commercial facilities


  • Fully licensed electrical and mechanical contractors  Mr. Heat Mechanical Inc. is licensed under Electrical Safety Authority to install, service and upgrade exisiting electrical panels in Ontario.
  • Professional installation—by exprienced licensed electricans.





Mr. Heat Mechanical Inc. is licensed electrical and mechanical contractor specializing in electrical panel installation, service and upgrades including service panels, 200AMP panels, switching panels and back-up generator panel. 


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