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Eligibility Requirements

 The HEATING & COOLING INCENTIVE is available for residents and businesses (and businesses with residential-type systems) in Ontario who have purchased and installed* eligible central heating or cooling equipment through a participating contractor.  You must be a resident of Ontario. All services (including purchase and installation) must be performed by a participating contractor of the HEATING & COOLING INCENTIVE program.

Qualified Hi-Efficiency Furnace
Lennox EL195E
Lennox EL196E
Lennox EL296V
Lennox SLP98V

Qualified Central Air Conditioner

SaveONenergy program is offered by Mr. Heat Mechanical Inc. on behalf of IESO from Jan 01 to Dec 31/2018. Conditions Apply. Call us for more details. Click HERE for Terms & Conditions. 

    Equipment Eligibility: High-efficiency furnace:
  • Oil, electric, natural gas and propane furnaces are eligible for an upgrade
  • All new furnaces must be equipped with an electrically commutated motor
  • Note: Furnace incentives run until December 31, 2018

    ENERGY STAR® certified central air conditioner (CAC):
  • CAC model must be ENERGY STAR® certified with a minimum seasonal energy efficiency (SEER) ratio of 18 and a minimum energy efficiency ratio (EER) of 13 Must have a qualifying indoor coil

  • ECM Circulator pump:
  • Pump must be installed on an existing hydronic heating system and not on a domestic hot water (DHW) heater
  • You must have a variable-speed electronically commutated motor

  • Air-source heat pump (ASHP):

  • Must be a home or small business with electricity as primary heating source (70 per cent of total heating load)
  • The ASHP must be ENERGY STAR® certified or a consortium for energy efficiency (CEE) Tier-1 level system, minimum SEER 15/HSP 8.5/EER 12.5 rating
  • Additional requirements apply to cold climate ASHPs

  • Adaptive Thermostat:

  • Must be connected to a continuous 24 volt power supply source.
  • Must be Wi-Fi enabled and controllable through a remote device.
  • Must incorporate some form of occupancy based controls, such as occupancy sensors or geofencing, to detect home occupancy and setback during unoccupied times. Automatic scheduling of set points alone without occupancy detection is not sufficient.
  • Must be compatible with any multi-stage heating and cooling units.
  • Must come with a warranty of at least two years.
  • Must be able to download any new software patches or upgrades released by the manufacturer.
  • Note : Review the Heating and Cooling terms and conditions for more information on program eligibility.

There has been some important changes to IESO heating & cooling incentive program in 2018.

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