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Gas Fireplace Homeowners Guide

Gas Fireplace Facts

  • Gas fireplace price ranges from $2500 to $6000 depending on brand,design,accessories
  • Any HVAC contractor MUST BE LICENSED GAS TECHNICIAN with TSSA to perform any work on your gas fireplace
  • Natural gas produce water vapor during combustion. Seeing condensation on the fireplace glass is totally normal.
  • Gas Fireplace must be inspected annually by HVAC Contractor. Improperly serviced gas fireplace can burn more fuel and produce hazardous chemicals and fumes. 
  • Gas fireplace heating capacity ranges from 15000 BTU/HR to 45000 BTU/HR. A properly installed gas fireplace could warm up up to 1500 sqf of space very fast
  • Gas fireplace metal box must be checked annually. Uninsulated walls behind the fireplace can induce rust on pilot assembly,burner or firebox.

How to Prevent a Gas Fireplace Service Call?

  • Check for unusual colors. Properly burning gas fireplace is blue with tiny yellow tips. Excessive yellowish flame means incomplete combustion. Incomplete combustion produce Carbon Monoxide.
  • Check your fireplace glass. Small cracks or a chip can make the glass to explode
  • Clean the glass regularly. Excessive residue built ups indicates inefficiency. An inefficient gas fireplace waste money and emit fatal levels of CO.
  • Clean outside vents. Vent blockage or damage vents cause improper combustion. Remove any tree or shrubs from around the vents. Check for bee hives or bird nest or any unusual cracks around the termination.
  • Position fireplace logs properly. Misplaced ceramic logs may generates unhealthy levels of CO

How Often to Inspect or Service Gas Fireplace?

Gas fireplaces should be maintained and inspected annually by licensed HVAC contractor.Your contractor will watch for signs of rust or damage to fireplace and alert you before its too late. Rusty pilot assembly or burner promote incomplete combustion and promote CO production.


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