Expert Services for Natural Gas Line Installation, BBQ & Gas Range Hook-Up, and Underground Gas Piping

In the province of Ontario, only licensed and registered professionals authorized by the Technical Standard & Safety Authority (TSSA) may undertake the installation or servicing of natural gas or propane fuel lines and related appliances. There are no exceptions to this safety standard, ensuring the highest level of expertise and experience for consumers.

Various types of materials can be utilized for natural gas line installations, including copper (Type K, L), corrugated steel pipe (flexible), schedule 40 black iron pipe, or underground plastic pipe. The decision on which material to use is based on the technician's preference, customer requirements, and the specifics of the job site, all of which must comply with the CSA codes.

As for the cost of installing a natural gas line for a BBQ or gas range, we recommend contacting our team directly at 905.707.1299 for an accurate quote. Our knowledgeable professionals can provide you with personalized service and answer any questions you may have about your installation needs.


We are here to provide comprehensive support for your gas installation and servicing needs. Our expert team specializes in the installation and maintenance of a wide range of equipment, including:
  • Gas BBQ lines and hook-ups
  • Gas range lines and hook-ups
  • Underground gas piping for swimming pools
  • Gas line inspections
  • Red-tag removal services
  • Gas leak detection and repair
  • Gas line installation and pressure testing
  • Gas furnaces
  • Propane to natural gas conversions

Whether you require installation, maintenance, repair, or inspection services, our team is equipped with the knowledge and expertise necessary to get the job done right. Let us assist you in achieving your gas system goals with our top-quality services.

Materials Approved for Gas Piping Installation

  • CSST (Corrugated Stainless Steel Tube) for above-ground applications
  • Copper Type G for above-ground and Type K for underground applications
  • Black iron Schedule 40 for above-ground applications

Gas Leak: What to Do if You Smell Gas in Your Home

If you suspect a gas leak in your home or business due to the presence of a strong, rotten egg-like odor or detection from a wall-mounted natural gas leak detector, it is crucial to immediately contact your local gas distributor. For instance, Enbridge Gas will dispatch a technician to your location promptly to isolate the source of the leak. Please note that all repairs after your gas meter must be completed by a TSSA-registered contractor, such as our team at Mr. Heat Mechanical, to ensure safety and compliance with regulations. For more information or to report a gas leak, click HERE for Enbridge or Enercare RED TAG.

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