Natural Gas Line Installation, BBQ & Gas Range Hook-Up, Underground Gas Piping

Who Can Install and Service Natural Gas Line In Ontario?
In Ontario any person whom is installing or servicing Natural Gas or Propane fuel lines or related appliances must be licensed and registered under TSSA (Technical Standard & Safety Authority) with no exceptions.
What Type of Materials Are Used For Natural Gas Installation?
Natural gas lines could be transferred and installed by Copper (Type K,L),Corrugated Steel pipe (Flexible), Schedule 40 Black Iron Pipe or Underground Plastic Pipe depending on the technician preference, customer needs, job site and in accordance with CSA codes.
How Much A BBQ Line or Gas Range Line Installation Would Cost?
For accurate quotes you can always call us 905.707.1299
How Can We Help You?
Here is the list of equipment we install and service:
  • Gas BBQ line installation and hook-ups
  • Gas range line installation and hook-ups
  • Underground Gas Piping for Swimming Pool
  • Gas Line Inspections
  • Red-Tag Removal
  • Gas leak detection and repair
  • Gas line installation & pressure test 
  • Gas Furnaces
  • Propane to Natural Gas Conversions

Approved Gas Piping Matrials

  • CCST (Corrogated Stainless Steel Tube) for above ground apllications
  • Copper Type G for above ground and Type K for underground applications
  • Black iron Schedule 40 for above ground apllication
Gas Leak
What should you do if you smell gas in your house?
If you suspects gas leak in your house or place of business through strong rotten egg like odor or by a wall mount natural gas leak detector, you need to call your local gas distributor as soon as possible. Enbridge Gas for example will dispatch a technician to your home to isolate the source of the leak. All repair after your gas meter must be done by TSSA registered contractor like us at Mr. Heat Mechanical. Click HERE for Enbridge or Enercare RED TAG

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