About Enercare,Reliance or Any Other Gas Burning Appliance Red-Tag

Furnace RED TAG is a warning label issued but your Heating Contractor or Fuel Distributor (ex. Enbridge) to an unsafe fuel burning appliance. RED TAGS come in two categories. "TYPE A" and "TYPE B". 

Technical Standard & Safety Authority Responsibilities

TSSA (Technical Standard and Safety Authority) is a non-profit organization that has been given powers to enforce and create public safety rules in such areas as elevators, ski lifts, upholstery, amusement rides, fuels, boilers, pressure vessels and operating engineers in order to protect lives and the environment. All Heating Contractors in Ontario MUST be licensed under TSSA to perform any type of service on your furnace,water heater,boilers,gas fireplaces or any fuel burning appliance (Natural Gas,Propane or Oil)


What Should You Do if You Have Received a RED-TAG?


When you receive a RED TAG don't panic. Call us for your RED TAG at 905.707.1299. We will repair or correct the fraction and fill up and send your RED-TAG to Enbridge.

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