Johnwood Power Vent Water Heater 

Braford White® Power Vent Water Heater

Energy Star power vent water heater. Rent from $32.58 Click Here.



Here are some of the top features:

  • ResetableThermal Switch Safely shuts system down in case of ongoing flammable vapor bum in combustion chamber or air flow blockage
  • Sight Window Offers a view into combustion air floweffectively scrubing the air of lintand dust.
  • Virtually Maintenance Free Offers a view into the combustion chamber to observe the opearion of the pilot and burner.

Energy Efficiency

  • Energy Star Qualified 40 to 50 gallon models only


  • Ideal as a replacement water heater in a variety of installation applications due to 3-position rotatable blower
  • Versatile installation—Through the roof or the wall
  • Hydrojet total performance system reduces sediment build-up


*Refer to installation manual for further details.



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