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We’ll assist you in choosing and personalizing a heating solution that matches your home’s dimensions and your family’s preferences. The quoted price covers the cost of a new furnace and its complete installation. We have various payment and financing plans to suit your budget.


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Most Popular Lennox Gas Furnaces

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Popular two-stage, variable-speed gas furnace


Economical two-stage, variable-speed gas furnace

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Custom Home Heating Solutions

Our Energy Efficiency Experts collaborate with you to create the optimal heating solution for your home. They have extensive HVAC industry experience and offer free, no-pressure furnace evaluations. When they come to your home, they examine all the factors that affect your furnace replacement needs: the age of your home, the wall insulation, the number of windows and doors, and more. They then give you fixed-price estimates and payment plans for the perfect new furnace for your home.

Step 1

To get a free in-home check of your heating system by a consultant, give us a call.

Step 2

An expert HVAC Advisor comes to your home to do the first evaluation and give you advice.

Step 3

Before the installation starts, we do a final check and clears any doubts you may have.

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