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Our Energy Efficiency Experts work with you to find the best heating solution for your home. They have a lot of HVAC industry knowledge and provide free, no-obligation air conditioner assessments. When they visit your home, they check all the things that influence your air conditioner replacement needs: how old your home is, how much insulation you have, how many windows and doors you have, and more. They then offer you fixed-price quotes and payment options for the ideal new ac for your home.

Step 1

To get a free in-home check of your heating system by a consultant, give us a call.

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An expert HVAC Advisor comes to your home to do the first evaluation and give you advice.

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Before the installation starts, we do a final check and clears any doubts you may have.

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air conditioner faq

Get answers to common questions

How much does it cost to buy a new ac? 

If you are looking for a high-efficiency furnace that runs on natural gas or propane, you can expect to pay between $3,995 and $7,000+ in Ontario. This price includes the standard installation by a qualified and insured company, as well as a one-year minimum warranty and all the required permits. The exact cost of your new furnace will depend on four factors: - How you want to control the air quality, humidity, and energy efficiency of your home. - What kind of extra protection or service you want for your furnace. - How big and complex your home is, and what kind of ductwork and heating capacity you need. - What kind of safety and building regulations apply to your area. To get a free and accurate estimate with no hidden charges or obligations, please contact us at 905-707-1299.

How does an AC operate?

An air conditioner is a device that cools and dehumidifies the air in your home or office by moving heat and moisture from inside to outside. It uses a special fluid called refrigerant that changes from gas to liquid and back again in a cycle. The refrigerant travels through two main parts: the indoor unit, where it absorbs heat from the indoor air, and the outdoor unit, where it releases heat to the outdoor air. An air conditioner also has fans, coils, and a compressor that help to circulate and control the refrigerant and the air flow.

Can I replace my own air conditioner?

Only a licensed, trained professional must install or repair your furnace

What's the lifespan of an air conditioner?

The average lifespan of an air conditioner is 15 years, but other factors can shorten or extend it. Your furnace may need to be replaced sooner if it has frequent problems, if it was not installed properly, or if it does not match your home’s heating requirements.

What size air conditioner do I need?

The size of the unit you need depends on many factors, such as how big and old your home is, how well the air circulates, how much insulation you have, and how many windows and doors you have. To find the right unit for your needs, you need a professional to check your home and measure how much heat and air flow there is. If you get the wrong AC size, your unit may not last long and your utility bills may go up because your home is not cooling well.

What's the warranty on a new air conditioner?

Almost all air conditioner manufacturers offer between 10 to 12 years on parts and compressor one year labor warranty with online registration. Additionally extended labor warranty is available for an extra cost