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  • Complimentary In-Home Assessment: Our licensed technicians will visit your home to discuss your specific EV charging needs and recommend the best setup.
  • Permit Procurement: Before starting any work, we handle all necessary permits to ensure a smooth installation process.
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EV Charger Frequently Asked Questions

Below you can find answers to most frequent asked questions about EV Chargers.

How long does it take to charge an electric vehicle at home?

The charging time depends on the level of your charger:
Level 1: Uses a standard household outlet and adds around 2 to 4 miles of range per hour.
Level 2: Faster, operating at 240 volts, providing 12–32 miles of range per hour.
Level 3 (DC Fast Charging): Charges an EV in under an hour at public stations.

Can I install an EV charger at home?

Yes! Our licensed electricians can assess your home, recommend the best setup, and handle the installation process.

Do I need an ESA Inspection for EV charger installation?

Yes, ESA inspections are required. We secure all necessary permits before beginning any work.

What’s the cost of installing an EV charger?

Costs vary based on the charger type, installation complexity, and your location. Our experts can provide personalized estimates.

Is Level 3 charging available for residential use?

Level 3 chargers are typically found at public stations due to their high voltage and current requirements. Residential installations mainly use Level 1 and Level 2 chargers.