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Water Heaters: Out With The Old...Or Not?

Water heaters are an essential piece of domestic kit with most Canadians using 75 liters of hot water every single day. With that in mind, it’s important to know you’re getting the best value for money. Efficient and versatile water heaters are available for purchase at very reasonable prices, regardless of the inclusion of powerful, environmentally technology. What should you be doing with the old product, though?

Dealing With Trash

What you may not have considered, given how workmen will quite happily take away the old drum before they put the new one in, is what you’d do with your old water heater. It might be worth considering, though, and a 2015 survey showed that Canadians are embracing DIY in seeking to improve, rather than buy or sell houses.

Perhaps, then, you’d consider disposing of your own water heater when the time comes - what are the options?

Recycle or Landfill

This takes top billing because recycling can be the best thing for your pocket and the planet. Recycling centers accept water heaters, so for the easy option take the time out to deliver your device to your local center - it’s as easy as getting rid of it in the landfill, and much more efficient.

You can, of course, get the device taken to the municipal landfill and many companies will take it for you for a small charge. This can be advantageous as an easy option and also if you don’t have easy access to a recycling center, or, the time to take your water heater down alongside any other trash you might have.

Scrap It Yourself

A little more challenging, but if you have the technical know-how - and in the digital age you can quickly acquire that via YouTube - and the right set of tools, you can potentially rip down the heater yourself and extract the precious metals inside, some of which can fetch a pretty penny - up to $3.60 per pound of copper in fact.

Get Creative

Of course, there’s a wealth of different things you can turn any household object into, especially if you’re a fan of the shabby chic look. You could turn the old water heater into a kitchen bin, an outdoors barbecue or smoker, or even a bench if you had the right tools to upholster it. Again, this can save you valuable dollars.

If you’re in the market for replacing your old water heater, don’t let the workmen take your old one away without a seconds thought. You could be making a few extra dollars, or simply doing something better for the environment and future prices if you’re willing to put the time into disposing of it thoughtfully.

Are your natural gas appliances ready for fall

Your home heating system is probably the last thing on your mind during the summer. That being said, what better time is there to identify and fix any problems before the cold weather arrives? Having your furnace, fireplace and other natural gas appliances inspected by a certified technician will ensure your family's safety and comfort.

Well maintained appliances will run more efficiently, which helps you save money. It also lowers the likelihood of a dangerous carbon monoxide leak in your home or a break down during the colder months.

Enbridge gas does not inspect or service natural gas appliances.

Source : Enbridgegas .com

Update to Enbridge Home Energy Conservation Program

We are proud to inform you that the Home Energy Conservation Program, delivered by Enbridge Gas Distribution, is providing qualifying homeowners with an incentive of up to $1600. The program makes it easy and affordable for homeowners to lower their energy bills and reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.

Find out if the homeowner qualifies:

1 - The primary home heating source must be: natural gas, electricity, oil, propane, or wood.

2 - They are an Enbridge Gas customer and have a valid Enbridge Gas account in good standing OR if they heat their home with electricity, oil, wood, or propane- they must provide a current tax bill for the property.

3 - They must use an Enbridge approved Service Organization to deliver the home energy audit. The Registered Energy Advisor (REA) will help guide the homeowner through the rebate process.

4 - They must complete at least two of the Home Energy Upgrades as recommended by the REA and achieve a minumum of 15% annual fuel savings.*

Home Energy Upgrades include:
  • High-Efficiency Furnace, Boiler or Fireplace (natural gas, propane, oil or wood)
  • High-Efficiency Water Heating System Upgrade (natural gas, propane, oil or wood)
  • Air Source Heat Pump Installation
  • Attic Insulation Upgrade
  • Window Replacements
  • Basement Wall Insulation Upgrade
  • Drain Water Heat Recovery System Installation
  • Wall Insulation Upgrade
  • Exposed Floor Insulation
  • Air Sealing

5 - They must complete pre and post energy audits from the same REA by December 31, 2017.

Receive up to $1600 in incentives:

By achieving a minimum of 15% in energy savings you can earn:

$150 - Immediate discount on their first pre-retrofit energy audit

$350 - Covering the remaining cost of your energy audits (not including HST), after completing at least 2 of the recommended upgrades and final post-retrofit energy audit

$1,100 - Towards the cost of your home energy upgrades - after your second energy audit proving you achieved a minimum of 15% in energy savings*

*Natural gas and alternative fuel savings are based on approved modeling software. Only one enrollment for incentive per household is permitted. The Home Energy Conservation Program is only available for residential detached homes, towns and semis- no multi-residential buildings or condos.

Save on Energy July 2017 Update

Product Updates for Eligible HVAC Measures included in the Save on Energy Heating and Cooling Program – Coming July 2017

The IESO will be removing the CAC incentives for the SEER 14.5 & 15 (EER 12 & 12.5) from the program as of June 30, 2017 and will be introducing incentives for the following products starting July 1, 2017:

Save ON Energy July 2017 Update P2

Save ON energy July 2017 Update P2


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