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Our team will help you find and customize a cooling solution that works for your home’s size and your family’s needs. We offer a variety of payment and financing options to meet your budget. The average cost of a new high-efficiency air conditioner is $3,999 to $6,000+, which includes installation and a one-year warranty or more.


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Consider Renting an Air Conditioner as a More Convenient Choice for You!

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Tailored Home Air Conditioner Options

With our Energy Efficiency Experts, you can create the best cooling solution for your home. They are experts in HVAC and offer free, no-commitment air conditioner assessments. They go to your home and look at all the factors that impact your air conditioner replacement needs: the age of your home, the insulation quality, the quantity and dimension of windows and doors, and more. They then provide you with fixed-price quotes and payment options for the ideal new air conditioner for your home.

Step 1

Get a free in-home evaluation of your cooling system by a specialist when you call us.

Step 2

A qualified HVAC consultant will visit your home to assess your cooling needs and recommend the best air conditioner for you.

Step 3

Before we begin the installation, we will do a final check and answer any questions you may have.

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