Understanding Safety Violation Tags for Gas in Ontario

In Ontario, safety is paramount when it comes to gas appliances and equipment. One of the measures in place to ensure this safety is the use of ‘Safety Violation Tags’. In this post, we at Mr. Heat Mechanical will delve into what Safety Violation Tags are, why they’re issued, and what you should do if you receive one.

What is a Safety Violation Tag?

A Safety Violation Tag is a notice issued by a certified gas technician or an inspector from the Technical Standards and Safety Authority (TSSA). It indicates that a gas appliance or equipment is not safe to operate and poses a risk.

Why are Safety Violation Tags Issued?

Safety Violation Tags are issued for two main reasons:

  1. Immediate Hazard (Type A): If a gas appliance poses an immediate threat to life and property, it’s shut off immediately, and a Type A Safety Violation Tag is issued.
  2. Potential Hazard (Type B): If a gas appliance doesn’t comply with safety regulations but doesn’t pose an immediate threat, a Type B Safety Violation Tag is issued. The homeowner is given a specific time frame to rectify the issue.

What to Do if You Receive a Safety Violation Tag?

If you receive a Safety Violation Tag, it’s crucial to act promptly. For Type A Tags, you must not use the appliance until it’s been inspected and repaired by a certified gas technician. For Type B Tags, ensure the issue is fixed within the given time frame to avoid having your gas supply disconnected.

Preventing Safety Violation Tags

Regular maintenance and inspection of your gas appliances can help prevent the issuance of Safety Violation Tags. Hiring a certified gas technician for installation, repairs, and maintenance ensures your appliances comply with safety standards.


While receiving a Safety Violation Tag can be concerning, it’s a crucial part of ensuring gas safety in Ontario. If you receive a Safety Violation Tag, don’t panic - contact a certified gas technician like us at Mr. Heat Mechanical to address the issue and ensure your home is safe.